Certification on In-kind Cost Sharing Form (AFR796)

University of Alabama in Huntsville Instructions for Completing the Certification of In-kind Cost Sharing Form (including Third-Party Cost Sharing)

The Certification of In-kind Cost Sharing Form is used to substantiate non-cash cost sharing for sponsoring agencies. This is necessary to satisfy mandatory cost sharing requirements as obligations under applicable sponsored award agreements. The form should be used to certify non-cash contributions by the University or by third-party contributors if those contributions are identified in the sponsored award agreement. All of the university’s cash cost sharing should be recognized in the sponsored award’s companion 2-account. Any third-party cash contributions should be recognized in a separate 5-account and reported to the sponsoring agency as cost sharing. Copies of this form may be obtained from here. Complete the form as indicated below:

(1) Name of in-kind contributor - the name of the UAH department or the third-party contributor making the in-kind contribution.
(2) Contract/Grant Account Number - 6-digit account number assigned by the Office of Sponsored Programs.
(3) Contract/Grant Account Name - the short name of the account.
(4) Sponsoring Agency Award Number - awarding agency’s identifying number that can be found in the award agreement or obtained from the Office of Sponsored Programs or Contracts and Grants Accounting.
(5) Period Covered - The beginning and ending dates in which the in-kind contributions were made. This period must be within the sponsored award’s period of performance in order to be allowable.
(6) Value of In-kind Contribution - Monetary value of in-kind contribution. The third-party contributor should be able to document the value if requested by the sponsoring agency. If feasible, the third-party contributor should attach the documentation to the completed form.
(7) Previously Purchased Equipment - If previously purchased (prior to current fiscal year) UAH equipment is used as in-kind cost sharing, provide equipment tag and time frame the equipment was used as in-kind cost sharing and the estimate of the percentage used for 5-account activity.
(8) Certifying Signature - The form should be signed and dated by a certifying official of the contributing organization who is familiar with the sponsored project and the non-cash contributions made by the applicable organization.

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