Cost Sharing On Sponsored Projects (Revised Procedure April 11, 2000)

1. As a rule, cost sharing on sponsored projects will only be approved when it is specifically required by the agency. Cost sharing simply "to increase the probability of the proposal being funded" will not be permitted.
2. All cost sharing on sponsored projects must be approved at the proposal stage before the proposal is submitted.
3. Proposals must be submitted for approval in a timely manner. Proposals submitted for approval the date before, or the day, the proposal is due, are not likely to receive approval for cost sharing.
4. Proposals requiring cost sharing will use the 20% research salary line allocated in the department budget for each faculty member, burdened with applicable F&A and fringe benefits. Cost sharing in laboratory equipment proposals requires commitments of cash.
5. The approval process for cost sharing in the academic colleges begins at the department level with the approval of the PI and Department Chair, and then proceeds to the appropriate Dean and to the Provost. Approvals include the 20% "salary line" allocated to internal research, teaching or teaching laboratory support and any other cost shared item that is funded by the academic college. The Vice President for Research must approve any cost-share that involves F&A funds.
6. Cost sharing of tuition must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Tuition will only be cost shared when it is absolutely required by the solicitation.
7. The approval process for cost sharing in the research centers begins with the Center Director and proceeds to the Vice President for Research. The Vice President for Research also approves any other cost sharing that requires him to provide cash or modification of F&A charges.
8. F&A will be charged on the first $25,000 of all subcontracts. The Vice-President for Research must approve any exceptions.