Institutional Review Board (IRB)

This site contains information about the UAHuntsville Institution Review Board, as well as its policies and application procedures.

All research involving human subjects must be approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). The Federal Government establishes special regulations (Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 46) to assure the safety of all human subjects involved in research.
UAHuntsville and its IRB maintain a strong commitment to treating human subjects ethically and to following all Federal Regulations. IRB approval constitutes assurance that research involving human subjects meets these Regulations and is designed to treat participants fairly and ethically.  

Since UAHuntsville does not have a medical school, the majority of our IRB applications come from human sciences (psychology and sociology), human factors engineering, and nursing.  A smaller number of applications come from biotechnology, engineering, administrative science, communication arts, and political science.

If your research involves human subjects and you would like to request IRB approval of your research from UAHuntsville, first determine the kind of approval you require.  

For guidance on whether you should apply for Expedited Review, Exemption from Review, or Full Review, see "How Do I Apply?"  

If you are not sure whether your research involves human subjects, see "Do I Need IRB Approval?"

Next, complete all appropriate application forms.  You will find links to these forms on the right sidebar.  All applications for approval of new research must submit Form 1; one of Forms 2, 3, or 4; Forms 6 or 7 as appropriate; and a sample consent form as appropriate. Applications for renewal of research previously approved by UAHuntsville's IRB need submit only Form 5.

For guidance on which forms are appropriate, see "How Do I Apply?

For guidance on whether your research requires informed consent and the required elements of a consent form, see "On Informed Consent."

For checklists designed to help you complete your application, see "Checklists & Samples."

If you have questions about how to complete any of the application materials, please email them to Dr. Nicholaos Jones, IRB Chair, at or call him at 256.824.2338.  Please include the phrase <Application Question> in your subject line.

Finally, email your completed application to Dr. Nicholaos Jones, IRB Chair, at and forward a hard copy of your application materials to him at the following address:

Dr. Nicholaos Jones, IRB Chair
Morton Hall 332B
Philosophy Department
301 Sparkman Drive
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL  35899

For more information about the application process, see "How Does IRB Work?"

For information on the people who constitute the UAHuntsville IRB, see "Who Is IRB?"

If your research has been approved by another IRB and you would like supplemental approval from UAHuntsville's IRB, email Dr. Nicholaos Jones, IRB Chair, at  Please also submit the appropriate forms (see above for details) and attach an electronic copy of your IRB approval letter.  

If you are a participant in research approved by UAHuntsville's IRB and have concerns about your treatment during participation, please contact Dr. Nicholaos Jones, IRB Chair, by email at, by phone at 256.824.2338, or in person at Morton Hall 332B.  Please include the phrase <Research Participation Concern> in your subject line.

If you are a faculty member who supervises several students doing research that involves human subjects and you would like your students to have special instruction on the IRB application process, please contact Dr. Nicholaos Jones via email at  Presentations concerning IRB applications can include any of the following elements: the history of IRB; rationale for Federal Regulations regarding research involving human subjects; case studies of ethical and unethical research involving human subjects; and tutorials on any part of the IRB application process.  Please include the phrase <IRB Instruction> in your subject line.